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Dance Classes

2023-2024 Classes take place on Monday evenings beginning September 11th.  
The first 3 classes are free to try with registration taking place the following week.
Class Times


(New dancers

aged 3-5)



(New dancers

aged 6-8)



(New dancers

aged 9-10)



(New dancers

aged 11-16)



(No new dancers)



(New dancers

aged 19-100)


*times are subject to change, placement is by ability not age and determined by the instructor





Dance Practise Attire

Boys:  Active Straight Pants or Active Shorts
Girls:  Leggings, Jeggings or Shorts/Skirts with          Nylons/Tights
, Slim fitting shirt, or
         Body Suit underneath a fitted shirt

          Hair tied up


No jeans, no baggy pants and shirts, no profanity on clothing, no low cut shirts and no jewelry.


The reason for the fitted clothing is highly beneficial for the dancers as it allows for me to see their technique and posture during rehearsals and correct it. Girls can definitely wear a shirt over top of their bodysuit, they are not expected come to class in just a bodysuit if they do not feel comfortable with that.

Tights: Mondor Ultra soft in Light Tan

Dance practise foot wear: ballet slippers

Performance foot wear will be determined in September/October

*Parents, please understand that the first few weeks are subject to change.


Dancers are placed based on age and ability to ensure safe and correct development of their bodies. Ukrainian dance is a fun and social activity, however, it is athletic and involves physicality.


Placement is similar to swimming lessons...if a child needs more practice at a certain level, then the instructor has a duty to provide that so risk is minimized to the child.

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